42. I like that it gets hard quickly after I cum. I wish it were longer.

I think it’s perfect the way it is!

Anonymous asked: There is no need to feel insecure about your penis be it big or small, crooked or curved they all serve the same purpose. There is a girl out there who will appreciate your penis.

^ This this this this!!

i have one submission titled “my dick” and one that says “27 there u go dont like mine” that did not come with pictures! try resubmitting? :)

25, I think I am small for my age. Wish I was bigger.

It looks just perfect to me!

Anonymous asked: Only show the big ones? What about the average?

I post every single penis that gets submitted to me, “big” “normal” “small”, whatever! I post all of them because they’re all fantastic!


i´m 28.

i hate the fact that it is curved, or actually i hate the fact that worry about it… that really fucked up (NOT in a good way) my sexlife for years…

i learned that it´s ok to have a cock like this, and that, in fact a lot of men have crooked ones. they just don´t show them as often on the internet etc like the “goodlooking” cocked guys do…it took some time to learn… and i still don´t feel totally comfortable with it. but what ever - it´mine and it´s good enough.

i love your attitude towards your penis! it’s wonderful :) curved penises are just as great, and normal, and straight ones!

justonea asked: hello there! this blog is a real nice idea, and you do it for the right reasons to! you should advertise it more on your vagina blog... well, i guess you don´t need no smartass` advice from me, so i just wish you success with both your genitalia related blogs!

thank you very much!! i really hope more people find out about this blog. i don’t run the vagina blog, though. i think she’s a wonderful person & she didn’t have enough time to do a site for guys, so i did!

I got a few questions asking this. I am a female :) and I appreciate all types of penis, so I made this blog!!

Thanks for the wonderful submission!


Really no dislikes except I’m cut and working on restoring. Love it for what it is size and all. And dont mind showing it off whether you think its small or not. :)

Good for you for loving it :) Looks great! Thanks!