This is same penis as below, only hard in this picture :) and it looks great!!

Uncircumcised, soft.

19 years old.

Thank you very much :)

Here’s mine, I am pretty happy with mine. Good length very good thickness, have had 2 girls complain cause it hurt them too much. Other than that it has been a real gift.

It is indeed a great gift :)

Anonymous asked: hello. I just wanna know if youre a girl or a boy. Plizzz answer

i’m a girl who appreciates all penises :)

thank you!!

I accidentally deleted a submission :(

As I was updating, I accidentally deleted a submission before I saved the picture. It wasn’t because I thought your penis was bad or sub-par or anything like that! I just wanted to post to make sure you knew it was completely accidental! Feel free to submit again!

Yeah, I’m kind of scatterbrained sometimes, so if you see that I’ve updated since you submitted, and your picture isn’t up, it was either a dumb mistake on my part & you should submit again, or it was completely inappropriate.

I haven’t seen anything inappropriate yet, so no worries :) I’m talking about, I don’t want to see your partner giving you a blow job/hand job, I don’t want to see you having sex with anybody, or writing anything overly sexual with your submission. This is a place to feel confident about your penis and to show it off, not to find a sex partner :) 

But yeah, thanks for all these fantastic penises so far! Keep them coming.
Such a horrible, horrible, unintentional pun… 

22, i like it, what do you think?

I think you’re very right for liking it..i like it a lot too!!

My cock, about 6inches

Thanks for the fantastic submission :)

Not Much, hope to have a better shot in the future

You can submit as much as you like! I’m sure we’d all love to see more of it :)

Love the boxers! And what’s coming out! Looks great!